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The legend

Josh is the Owner and head coach at Cyclone Training centre, and the centre stone of the incredible community of the gym. Whether he is helping a client hit a new PB or simply reach their fitness goals, Josh is always there to lend a hand!

Our head coach, Josh, boasts over a decade of competitive powerlifting experience. As a two-time National champion and a podium finisher twice at Worlds, he possesses the knowledge and ability to guide you to any level you aspire to reach.



CAPO National Record | Sub master (33-39) | Squat 307.5kg

CAPO National Record | Sub master (33-39) | Total 800kg 

CAPO National Record | M1 (40-45) | Squat 315kg 

CAPO National Record | M1 (40-45) | Bench 182.5kg

CAPO National Record | M1 (40-45) | Total 797.5kg

Australian M1 100kg all time record | Total 797.5kg 

WPC World record | Squat 315kg and Total 797.5kg


Other achievements 
2023 : CAPO Open Men's 100kg National Champ 

2023 : 3rd Place WPC World Championships Open Men's 100kg class 

2023 : 3rd Place WPC World Championships M1 110kg class 

2022 : CAPO Open Men's 100kg National Champ


Bachelor degree in sport and exercise science (BSES) 


Regardless whether you are a beginner just starting out, a seasoned lifter looking to get to the next level or an elite powerlifter - lets talk about your fitness or powerlifting goals and how we can achieve them together !

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